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They come in Core i7 and i9 options with up to 2. Read more about the MacBook Pro models.

MacBook Pro Recommendations

The Mac mini is Apple's compact desktop computer first introduced in The mini used to be Apple's least powerful Mac, but the latest iteration now in Space Grey has a lot more oomph than previously, and can be upgraded to some fairly meaty specs. For anyone who uses their Mac for browsing the web and writing emails, and doing general office work the Mac mini could suffice. It's powerful enough to do a good job with photo and home video editing. If you are looking for a Mac that will just sit on your desk, or in the study, the Mac mini is a cheap option.

The Mac mini is also a popular choice for a living room Mac. And, apparently one reason why Apple, after waiting four years, finally updated the Mac mini was its popularity with developers and server farms. When the Mac mini stopped featuring a optical drive back in there was a bit of an outcry from those who though it was an ideal home entertainment centre, but DVDs are far less popular than they were back then thanks to the rise of streaming services. The Mac mini is a popular choice for developers - probably because it's cheap and they can just plug it into an existing monitor and keyboard.

It's likely to become more popular for that now, and may even begin to appeal to creatives with more demanding needs, thanks to higher spec build-to-order options - though the lack of a discrete GPU is still a serious limitation. Read about the best Mac for developers here. There are two Mac minis available. The cheapest Mac mini has a 3.

The other model upgrades to a 3. The top of the range Mac mini has various build-to-order options , including a 3. The Mac mini weighs 1. It's just 3. The shape and weight haven't changed from the previous model. The Mac mini was updated in October , so it could see an update soon, but we don't expect more than a small specs bump. Apple's iMac is probably its most famous Mac. First introduced in and causing shockwaves in personal computing, over the years the iMac has lost its old bulky CRT monitor, and slimmed down.

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Now it is incredibly thin, but the whole computer is still concealed behind that gorgeous display there is no tower to hide away under your desk. Despite the fact that the iMac turned 20 in Apple didn't update it that year, instead waiting until March We are still hoping for a more significant redesign in Read about what is expected from the iMac here.

It's a desktop Mac , so the iMac is obviously best for someone who doesn't mind being tied to their desk. Or perhaps you already own a laptop and need a decent work machine. The great thing about buying an Apple computer is that because everything is tied to your iCloud account all your Safari bookmarks, iCloud documents and applications will be available to you on all of your Macs. The type of person for whom the The We would steer you away from the entry-level model though, it's not been updated since and lacks the Retina display as well as only offering Intel graphics rather than the discrete Radeon Pro graphics card offered by the rest of the range.

For professionals who need a powerful Mac, the choice will probably be between the 27in iMac models , the 15in Retina MacBook Pro, and the March update puts the iMac right back in the mix. It's an excellent option. Overall, the iMac is ideal for graphic design , or those who work with video and images , it's also great for gaming.

The iMac Pro is even faster but it's also a lot more expensive. For more information read: iMac Pro vs iMac. There are two different sizes of iMac available: the The full iMac range was last updated in March with new processors going up to Intel's 8th and 9th generations. The old entry-level iMac which doesn't have a Retina display is still available.

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  • It's the lowest spec machine Apple sells. But then we move up to the new models.

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    The top-of-the-range 21in iMac offers an 8th-gen 3. Browse the The 27in iMacs also offer i5 processors unlike the 15in MacBook Pros which introduce i7 processors at the high end. However, the processors in the 27in iMacs are all 6-core, so you can expect plenty of power. The entry-level 27in iMac features an 8th-gen 3. And like all the bigger models it comes with a 5K display with a resolution of x Read about Fusion Drives here.

    Here's why this $350 iMac is a fantastic value in 2019!

    It offers a 9th-gen 3. Browse the 27in iMacs on Apple's store. The iMac lacks an optical drive; Apple traded in the built-in SuperDrive when it slimmed down the monitor to a super-thin 5mm. You can buy a SuperDrive here.

    How old should I go for a used iMac?

    The iMac range was updated in March so now is a great time to buy, unless you want to wait until to see if Apple increases screen size. Apple issued a big mea culpa to creative professionals in , acknowledging that the Mac Pro didn't cut the mustard: problems with the thermal design, apparently, meant it was very difficult to upgrade. The company assured these users that a new Mac Pro was on the way although it won't be here until but it announced a new product called the iMac Pro in the meantime. The iMac Pro features a thoroughly redesigned thermal system, and ran without slowdowns or significant fan noise when we stressed the GPU to 91 degrees Celsius.

    This should allow Apple to upgrade the system in future without hitting the same problems it saw with the trashcan Mac Pro; but we'll have to wait and see how things pan out. It's also immensely powerful - the most powerful Mac so far, and one that smashed every speed and graphics benchmark we put it through - and rather beautiful to look at: it's the same elegant design as the 27in iMac, but for the first time on a Mac desktop it's Space Grey. The new Space Grey peripherals look great too. The iMac Pro is for creatives and other people who need a super-powerful Mac: video and photo editors, 3D modellers, VR devs, music producers.

    For the past few years those users have been migrating to the iMac instead of the Mac Pro, so Apple felt it should just go with it, and give the iMac a pro-targeted revamp. If your requirements are even higher than could be satisfied by this beast, you'll might want to wait for the new Mac Pro, but that machine is so extremely powerful and astronomically priced that a souped up iMac Pro may well be the best fit for you.

    Mac Mini 2018

    You can customise this extensively, however. It's lighter and thinner than the original MacBook Air and does away with those unsightly thick bezels. The screen is much sharper, too, with a resolution of x pixels, up from just x on the previous model. The latest version of the Air also adds True Tone, which adjusts the color temperature on the display based on ambient lighting conditions.

    Another welcome new feature is Touch ID, which makes it easy to unlock the system, make secure payments and replace passwords.

    A Firestorm of Feedback

    The battery life is decent at 8 hours and 51 minutes, but other utlraportable laptops last longer on a charge. There's two Thunderbolt 3 ports on board. You'll want to step up to the entry-level, inch MacBook Pro if you want more speed. We wish the base model came with GB of storage instead of GB. The flat Butterfly keyboard offers fast typing, but some may wish for more travel.

    Lastly, the Retina display could be a bit brighter, as it registered less than nits on our tests. See our full MacBook Air review. Pros: The inch MacBook Pro crams a lot of power into a slim and light 3-pound chassis. You'll also get less power and less storage compared to the pricier Pro.

    See our full inch MacBook Pro review.