Where do files go after migration assistant from pc to mac

Using Migration Assistant to transfer files from one Mac to another

With Apple products iCloud is built into many of the systems applications. To access iCloud from a Windows computer, open your web browser and go to www. If you are using a cloud other than iCloud, the process will either be done entirely online or by downloading partner applications. For instance, Goggle Drive for Windows and Google Drive for Mac are two separate applications that talk to each other and sync data across the two different platforms.

Setting Up a New Mac: Should You Migrate or Do a Clean Installation? | The Mac Security Blog

For Windows 7 users and below, the Control Panel is found on the Start menu. For Windows 8 users, the Control Panel can be found in the Charm sidebar: Start off the right-hand edge of the screen and swipe one finger inward toward the center.

  • How to Transfer all Files from one Mac to another using Apple Migration Assistant?
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Either choose the folders you want to be shareable or move files to the Public folder. Usually located on the dock and within the Launchpad as well. Locate the Preference option for Sharing and click on the blue folder icon that accompanies it. Within the sidebar of the Sharing Preferences screen, click on the box next to File Sharing to enable this feature.

Mac Migration Assistant Can Move Windows PC Data

Navigate to the Windows shared folders from your Mac and copy the files to your hard drive. To transfer files to an external memory module like a hard drive, SD memory card, or even an iPod set to disk mode, you plug the memory module into the computer, copy the files to the external source, and properly eject the drive by right-clicking and selecting Eject.

To avoid data corruption, properly eject the drive by holding the Option key while clicking the Drive icon and selecting Eject. This is meant to mitigate the possibility of any bad actors intercepting your data. Simply make sure the code is the same on both Macs.

Then, just take the drive with you to your new Mac and plug it in. This can be problematic if there are multiple Apple IDs on a single Mac.

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