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Added data collection research project. Interface language is now selectable from preferences dialog. Improvements to the display of values and exceptions in the codepad. Additions to the extensions API, allowing extensions to handling drawing the package graph. Stack traces from exceptions shown in the terminal window are now coloured and clickable. Resolves more firewall startup issues.

More flexibility in bluej. Fixes a problem with inspecting arrays of two dimensions or more and a similar problem with local multidimensional arrays in the debugger. Also fixes several other bugs. Resolves issue with display of class documentation in the editor when running BlueJ with Java 7. Introduces an.


Also fixes several bugs. Includes support for Java 7 language features. Default character set for new projects changed to UTF-8 better support for non-English characters.

Improved method call recording in the terminal. Includes a Slovak translation, and enables assertions by default. Adds an editor function to add a javadoc comment to the current method.

Apart from the changes listed below, this version includes functionality to send some anonymous information BlueJ version, Java version, Operating System, interface language etc to the BlueJ maintainers, to help with development planning. This can be disabled by adding a "bluej. Fixed not being able to alter the preferences for the Submitter extension. Fixed a window positioning issue that could cause BlueJ windows to appear off-screen and thus seem to never appear , especially on Windows. Stopped the "File changed on disk" dialog from popping up again when dismissed, and made it less likely to appear in cases which might be caused by slow network storage.

Fixed an issue with not recognising JavaFX installed via Ubuntu package. This means that BlueJ now requires a bit operating system. Added support for the new var keyword in Java Fix various small editor bugs. Many other minor fixes.

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Fixed: Many printing problems, especially for the Java editor. Fixed: Git support issues, especially with sub-packages on Windows. Fixed: Many printing problems. Fixed: Class documentation view shows blank on first view.

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Terminal to turn white and not redraw correctly. Fixed: Several teamwork issues and bugs especially in Git. BlueJ 4 adds support for the Git version control system and retains support for Subversion. List of fixes and improvements: Fixed problems in handling SVN projects. Fixed minor issues with the debugger.

AppleScript/Objective-C Updates

Bug fixes and improvements: Fixed: Scope highlighting for various cases Improved detection of sudo permissions Added Raspberry Pi configuration tab Fixed: deleting text when a breakpoint is set causes an exception. Bug fixes and improvements: Allow "get" to put package-private members on the object bench Uses system language by default if a translation is available Fixed: Missing class name in project documentation under "inherited methods" Fixed: Mac OS X, projects with certain characters in their path were unusable Fixed: Subversion: Can't see projects available for checkout Fixed version 3.

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  • Install an older version of Adobe Reader on Mac OS.
  • Mac OS X Lion Skin Pack Free Download;
  • Bug fixes: Fixed: class type parameters not shown in class diagram Fixed: issues with highlighting, pasting and deleting text in codepad Added: message displayed when no project open, for clarification Fixed: Inspectors could not be moved by dragging them on Mac OS X Fixed: Debian package now recognises oracle-java7-jdk package.

    Bug fixes: Fixed: Error when first creating class documentation on a project on a network share Fixed: Incremental parsing bug scope highlighting while editing Fixed: Debugger: If halted while reading from System. Bug fixes: Fixed: Parsing bug with parenthesized identifiers Fixed: Parsing bug with multiple initializers in 'for' loop Fixed: Encoding issues with output to System.

    Bug fixes: Fixed: Strange "CUI" icons in editor window Mac OS Fixed: Missing space in error message Fixed: Windows launcher crashes if project path longer than 50 characters Fixed: Codepad rejects some syntactically valid expressions that have non-void types Fixed: Codepad rejects constant integer division by 0 Fixed: Auto-complete does not always properly refresh Fixed: Comment attached to method drops first character when shown in call dialog Fixed: Interactively calling instance method with null result fails to show result dialog Fixed: Codepad not casting some values correctly Fixed: Interactively calling varargs method with reference type parameter hangs.

    Mac OS X Lion

    Bug fixes: Fixed: Compile error could cause compiler to hang Fixed: One line comments should not affect scope colour Fixed: Various small scope highlighting issues Fixed: Various minor problems in the code pad And many more minor bug fixes. Added keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease font size in the editor and terminal. Fixed: Debugger window could hang the system. Fixed: Editing actions throw exceptions when in interface view. Fixed: Typing "5;" int to the codepad hangs the codepad. Fixed: Dependency in binary-not argument not detected.

    Added some control over the date formatting by the Submitter extension Includes newer version of Svnkit library, should resolve some subversion issues Fixed: "New Project", then selecting an existing project gave a bad error message Improved cursor behaviour in editor slightly Fixed: BlueJ launcher Windows sometimes gave a "MSVCR JUnit test recording significantly improved records more interactions. Our configure script accepts all the standard options, but there are a couple that are specific to watchman that might be relevant to your needs:.

    The current build status is:. The inotify 7 subsystem has three important tunings that impact watchman. Making this value bigger reduces the risk of this happening. Watchman will attempt to raise its descriptor limit to match kern. The following will raise the limits to allow 10 million files total, with 1 million files per process until your next reboot. Watchman does not currently support any other operating system not covered by the list above.

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    Download for Windows Beta Watchman is considered to be in beta status for Windows but has a reasonably sized group of users depending on it already, and we expect to remove the beta label in the coming months. This is built by default if Folly is available. PATH is location of python. PATH is location of pcre-config.