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It's really great running actual Cisco IOS. I've had great luck with all the default emulators included with retroarch on my pi2. Havn't touched it on Windows as I haven't quite figured out how to set it up on Windows. It can't quite handle N PCSX2 worked fine for certain games but compatability varies as far as getting the game to load. Buy a Wii. I have been using Oracle Virtual Box for a long while to run and test a wide variety of Operating Systems.

Virtual Box is a great emulation program especially for most Windows Operating Systems and programs. I love how you can customize the settings and configurations easily in the emulator. Both deal with all memory issues, so there's no need to configure memory. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions. Categories 6.

Please read information about the new WinBoards. December edited August in Video Games.

Seeing that nobody's really posted anything about emulation yet, I'd like to start it off by asking about everyone's favorite emulators. I'll start with my own emulators. Nestopia 1. Nesticle x. Okay, now it's you guy's turn. Thanks in advance, C. December I think I can recall a Chinese version of this too. It is one emulator I would highly recommend. Stellar - An Atari emulator which works smoothly but is entirely minimal as in, no menu bar at the top. I remember having to press a certain key just to go back to the ROM loading window.

Mini vMac : An early 68k macintosh emulator, runs on multiple platforms. QEMU : An emulator capable of running computers with different architectures, runs on multiple platforms. Also recently it can boot Mac OS 9.

Ubuntuxp, the OP was talking about emulators of gaming systems, not of OSes. Bry89 wrote:. January I know some of these have been mentioned here before, But I'll go ahead and list the emulators I mainly use here. Doqtor Kirby. Sega Shit: Fusion. Yeah pretty much that. Anyone who can do this and hasn't yet, u must see! I have new info about using cvgs on unsupported graphics, see bottom of this comment.

The gamepad must be configured inside of the CVGS emulator, no "driver" necessary.

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The gamepad must be connected to usb before launching CVGS. Default setting is to map playcontrol to the keyboard. Now when each button is highlighted on-screen, press that particular button on the usb gamepad. Start with the top left button click the mouse over the giant box with "1" in it because the prefs pane can step thru every button automatically. Spyro uses all buttons.

I think this does not make a genuine analog stick controller, the stick itself simply emulates analog thru streaming the four directional presses. Some games which played great with a real analog stick don't feel the same using this emulated stick, however, Spyro The Dragon does an amazing job of making this fake stick control feel almost perfectly analog! If your hardware could not Boot with these 3 extensions, maybe you can still use cvgs by not rebooting.

Find the ATI driver installer in these downloads, I think it makes 4 extension files but 1 is slow and unnecessary. What sort of controller will this work with? Can it be any generic USB pad or is any messing about with drivers and searching for specific models required? I suspect the name "modchip" comes from the modifying of real chips inside real PlayStations, to do similar things, like playing copied discs. Tho here, we're using software to mod software but the name "modchip" has stuck. Also, it Might be the v1. Vanilla install works perfectly. Running 1.

Now I noticed that it requires a mod chip to run backups Any help? I already have 1.

Emulation on a Mac

What do I do with those folders? Do I just ignore everything and only copy the xvi's VGS 1. Then go to the Balloonist to select any level in the game. Even tho I seriously doubt hw acceleration takes place, my 1.

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Old versions of CVGS helped me none, the v1. I couldn't make any mounted image substitute for a real disc, cvgs attacks the disc hardware at too low level. This means we could add a suitable sample game, CD-length game, to this page. For those who find the CVGS runs slow when it shouldn't, the culprit is an unnecessary extension file. After installing v1. Also the "CVGS AutoLauncher" can be erased or disabled too, these are the only two extensions unique to cvgs - so rebooting isn't necessary.

Hey how can there be a PeeCee version of this that's worth a damn on contemporary hardware? I thought what made PS1 emulation possible in the first place was the PS1 used a type of risc ppc chip so the Mac emulation mode is nearly but then to have x86 attempt the same thing should bog down with enormous overhead in risc-to-cisc conversion.

Another cool thing about emulation is u can greatly speed up the disc access. I operate d v1. Requires the oem ATI Radeon graphics card, my improved graphics card isn't recognized. I refuse to swap cards just to play, and it wont run in OSX Classic mode. I own about 20 PS1 game discs from the s, some worked in emulation while others did not. Now that I can likely make backups and hdd images, and can possibly mount those images for CVGS to play without physical CDs, I am tempted to plug in the old card and archive images of my collection.

Playstation Games on Mac Tutorial (Updated 2016!)

I tested Connectix virtual game station in classic environment of mac os x The connectix said use original disk and will not install in classic. And directly mac os 9. A faster Mac will be better than a slower one.

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It did run on my MHz G3, but was really not quite a playable speed not surprising since it's below the recommended requirements. I would just follow the system requirements--once CVGS runs, having a better machine doesn't mean it'll run better.

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Any MHz G3 or better is fine. So what machine should I use for this? I would love to play oldschool-stuff on it like old shmups. It does not work on classic with a G4-Mini. What is the optimal machine for this? There was plenty oh hardware acceleration on the PC version via patches. There are Mac patches for this, allowing the use of copied CDs. They are usually version specific, and the region-free patch I tried allowed play of copied games Pretty sure it only emulates a D-Pad controller, so no analog control games allowed ie: no Ape Escape.

Makes PS games look like a million bucks. This is one of the best applications for gaming on classic Mac OS. I've tried to install the ATI drivers that came with it, tried other games that I'm sure of that they work correctly on my iBook , tinkered with settings and I even removed the second video card, but nothing helped. It was a joke. Check the timestamps on the file.

Seeing as some people have been having trouble with updaters and patches etc, here's an archive containing VGS 1. Runs fine on my iMac. The Macs just never had any other hardware at that point. I got epic success with region-free on my iBook G3 with ATI , but it took a half-day of trial and error!