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Hope this helps someone,. If you get a chance could you please help me to fix this as soon as you can. Check to also see if the workbook is protected. Just go to unprotect and try again.

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You helped me and I appreciate it! You helped me too. I encountered this same problem.

How to: Pivot Table Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac

Thank you very much for your tip. It is a real time saver. Supports all languages, and all new commands of , , , , and have been added into the classic interface. Brings Tabbed User Interface to Office. All rights reserved.

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Thank you very much. So sorry. Listen to it. At least the Ribbon can be easily customized in Excel , so that helps somewhat. I posted a reply to your comment yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared into the ethernet, or I accidentally deleted it during my daily spam cleanup.

Creating a PivotTable from a text file

Sorry about that. I also was a great fan of Excel , skipped and started using for personal use.

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I do use for work and have got to like some of its features also. For someone who needs to use and wants to get up to speed a book I found valuable was Excel Expert Skills with the Smart Method. I have become accustomed to using the pivot tables in , and on occasion put them in the same view as I would in Step 3 of 3 of the Pivot table wizard in I have got to like the added features in the options and design tabs for banding columns and rows, adding blank rows between row items, etc.

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It seems pretty easy to add a pivot table to a PowerPoint slide and make more formatting changes there if desired. And if those making decision at MS continue to ignore this kind of feedback, the problems that behest Vista and to an extend Win7 will continue. I remember Vista being touted to me as the great breakthrough. We were even due to have Steve B come talk to us about it, but then look at how it turned out. Where I work there is also a mixture of , users.

Those that have not used anything else take to it immediately which I guess is only natural.

waikeliroundbenum.cf I bought the version after trying the Beta version and really enjoyed some of the new features. The ability to customize the ribbon in Access was a plus for me, then I started to do the same in Excel.

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When I needed to use for work I found a couple of good links on the Microsoft site:.