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All those random file formats created to store application data can all be replaced with XML. One parser for everything. There are different ways to access and interact with XML data. TinyXML-2 is designed to be easy and fast to learn. It is one header and one cpp file. Simply add these to your project and off you go. There is an example file - xmltest. The details of the license are at the top of every source file. There are other parsers out there that are much more fully featured.

But they are generally bigger and more difficult to use. At this point, unless you are maintaining legacy code, you should choose TinyXML But the implementation of the parser is completely re-written to make it more appropriate for use in a game. It uses less memory, is faster, and uses far fewer memory allocations. Although you have pointers to these objects, they are still owned by the Document.

When the Document is deleted, so are all the nodes it contains. By default, TinyXML-2 preserves white space in a hopefully sane way that is almost compliant with the spec. TinyXML-1 used a completely different model, much more similar to 'collapse', below. The leading space before the "Hello" and the double space after the comma are preserved. Line-feeds are preserved, as in this example:.

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However, white space between elements is not preserved. Although not strictly compliant, tracking and reporting inter-element space is awkward, and not normally valuable. For some applications, it is preferable to collapse whitespace. Collapsing whitespace gives you "HTML-like" behavior, which is sometimes more suitable for hand typed documents.

The default is to preserve whitespace, as described above. It essentially causes the XML to be parsed twice. In addition, all nodes elements, declarations, text, comments etc. This allows an application that performs additional validation of the parsed XML document e. For instance, text with the XML of:. This is called a 'numeric character reference'. Any numeric character reference that isn't one of the special entities above, will be read, but written as a regular code point.

The output is correct, but the entity syntax isn't preserved. When loading, an XML parser is very useful. However, sometimes when saving, it just gets in the way. The code is often set up for streaming, and constructing the DOM is just overhead. The Printer supports the streaming case.

Building from developer sources or from modified distribution sources requires Cython to translate the lxml sources into C code.

lxml - Processing XML and HTML with Python

The source distribution ships with pre-generated C source files, so you do not need Cython installed to build from release sources. If you have read these instructions and still cannot manage to install lxml, you can check the archives of the mailing list to see if your problem is known or otherwise send a mail to the list. If you want to use lxml together with the official libxml2 Python bindings maybe because one of your dependencies uses it , you must build lxml statically. Otherwise, the two packages will interfere in places where the libxml2 library requires global configuration, which can have any kind of effect from disappearing functionality to crashes in either of the two.

To get a static build, either pass the --static-deps option to the setup. Most MS Windows systems lack the necessarily tools to build software, starting with a C compiler already. Microsoft leaves it to users to install and configure them, which is usually not trivial and means that distributors cannot rely on these dependencies being available on a given system. In a way, you get what you've paid for and make others pay for it. Due to the additional lack of package management of this platform, it is best to link the library dependencies statically if you decide to build from sources, rather than using a binary installer.

Installing lxml

For that, lxml can use the binary distribution of libxml2 and libxslt , which it downloads automatically during the static build. It needs both libxml2 and libxslt, as well as iconv and zlib, which are available from the same download site. Further build instructions are in the source build documentation. If you are not using macports or want to use a more recent lxml release, you have to build it yourself.

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While the pre-installed system libraries of libxml2 and libxslt are less outdated in recent MacOS-X versions than they used to be, so lxml should work with them out of the box, it is still recommended to use a static build with the most recent library versions. Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form.

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