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That message indicates that you are already using the port with something else, and you need to stop using it. Maybe another Max device? Sorry about double posting, its when i refresh it seems to remember it. Yeah so there is nothing else running in max and it happens even when ableotn isnt loaded and i just load it into max Something must be using that port. Why don't you try the bridge version. The plugin loads in ableton but nothing happens and the lights dont show any activity in the bridge. Can you comment on the other device page please? Just a little bit more information on this one, it doesnt seem to be the specific ports i pick, any port will give the msg in console.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me - I have restarted, same problem. When I right click I see the message: You are opening a device created with max 7 in an older version of the software For reference, I'm on the latest versions of max for live and ableton. I have a midi channel with your device on it - in ableton, the input is set to my midi keyboard, the output is set to my midi out connected to the matrix Within your device, in the connection area next to the red connection failure warning I have 2 drop downs that show devices like an APC 40, microlite 1,2,3,4 etc which I don't have installed.

Posted on September 19 by Royalston report. I would suggest updating to Max 7. Posted on September 20 by redhexagonal report. If you are using Max 7 andnita still not working, you could try uaing Live 32 bit instead. Hi, I've updated to max 7 Live was pointing at an older version Live 32bit doesn't work well on my machine unfortunately. Thanks Posted on September 20 by Royalston report. This device uses imp. Everything you need is frozen with the device.


I don't know why they can't load the externals. Maybe try unfreezing then freezing and resaving? You should be able to get one of these versions working with OS X - its Windows that is trickier since it needs an exclusive port. I did a b it more poking with process explorer and looking at what if any processes were using the Midi ports from there id.

Nothing has loaded the Midi ports Incidentally I had a fully clean install of win10 on dual boot so booted into that installed max7, same issue. Posted on September 20 by brokenmatt report. I don't have a windows machine to test. Ok I managed to find some references to midi being loaded by SVhost. There was lots of audio drivers loads and 2 midi I assume one for each port.

So I killed the host processes and now when loading Max7 there are no midi port errors Ok staple no worries I understand that, just trying to work through this maybe one of us can find a fix. Both versions not working here so First of all thanks for this. Hopefully this will help others running into port problems: I just downloaded this and had a poke around without my pair of Matrix's connected. First thing i noticed is that the midi ports seemed to be frozen as staplesyrup's setup. Once opened and unfrozen i found the imp. This could be due to the fact that the externals are placed in a "Max for Live" folder which is besides and not within the Max Library folder and standard search path if i'm correct.

To be sure, i downloaded the imp. Looking forward to testing this with my matrix's Posted on March 12 by chaosmoon report. So i can control it with my Nord Lead Posted on March 12 by redhexagonal report. Thanks a ton for making this object possible. Can we please have some step-by-step instructions for properly configuring the ports and any adjustments to the max file to make it operational? If there are additional externals to download and install, some simple steps would be appreciated. Cheers Posted on March 18 by digix report.

There are instructions how to use the device at the top of this page.

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On OSX there is nothing to set up other than setting the ports youre connecting to. What is the issue you are having? Posted on March 18 by redhexagonal report. Seqotron also provides the option to estimate phylogenetic trees and distance matrices. We aim to add more functionalities in the future, such as creating a plugin mechanism and algorithms for searching sequence motifs.

MF designed and implemented the software. All authors contributed to the writing of this manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. MF was currently supported by a postdoctoral research fellowship from the University of Sydney. Mathieu Fourment, Email: ua. Edward C. Holmes, Email: ua. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. BMC Res Notes.

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Published online Feb Mathieu Fourment and Edward C. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Received Sep 30; Accepted Feb 8. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Accurate multiple sequence alignment is central to bioinformatics and molecular evolutionary analyses. Results We present Seqotron, a sequence editor that reads and writes files in a wide variety of sequence formats. Conclusions Seqotron will benefit researchers who need to manipulate and align complex sequence data.

Keywords: Sequence editor, Alignment, Phylogenetics. Results and discussion Seqotron is designed for visualizing, aligning, and editing nucleotide and amino acid sequences Fig. Open in a separate window. Conclusions We have presented an open source, memory efficient, and user-friendly desktop application to automatically or manually align and edit multiple nucleotide and amino acid sequences.

Availability and requirements Project name: Seqotron. Any restrictions to use by non-academics: None. Acknowledgements MF was currently supported by a postdoctoral research fellowship from the University of Sydney.

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Competing interests Both authors declare that they have no competing interests. Contributor Information Mathieu Fourment, Email: ua. References 1. Edgar RC. Nucl Acids Res. Katoh K, Standley DM. Originally Posted by Spectralwaves. I am working on a panel for the Matrix in edisyn. It's laid out already but it won't be tested and ready to go until late August at the earliest, because I won't have my trusty Matrix with me until then to do the actual testing! Or loan me a 6R for a few weeks! I normally live in DC.

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