How do i print a test page on my mac

Once the updates are complete, reboot your computer then try your print job again. If it still won't print your printer may be paused or another print job may be holding up the queue. Click the printer's icon in the Dock to open the printer's queue window.

I can't get google cloud print to find my printer - Google Chrome Súgó

If you see the Resume button in the toolbar that suggests that the printer is paused. Click the Resume button and see if printing proceeds.


If the printer isn't paused, but print jobs are stacking up anyhow, it's possible that another print job is holding up the queue because of an error with that job. To clear that job select it, then click the Delete Job button on the right. It's possible that the problem is in your document, so let's try printing from a different document to test that idea. If it prints successfully that tells us that the problem is in your existing document.

How to reset the printing system on your Mac

See Troubleshoot damaged documents in Word for Mac. Try printing again. If it prints successfully that tells us the problem is with the font you're using.

The easiest solution is to use a different font for your text. To test whether another program can communicate with the printer, and whether the printer driver is functioning, try to print from another program such as Notes. If it prints successfully from Notes that tell us that you have a problem with your installation of Microsoft Office.

In that case you may need to uninstall Office from your Mac and then reinstall it. See Troubleshoot Office for Mac issues by completely uninstalling before you reinstall. If it does not print successfully from other programs that suggests there may be a problem with the printer drivers or configuration. To delete and add the printer, follow these steps:. In the Printer list, click the printer that you want to add, and then click Add.

Go back to your Microsoft Office application and try printing to the printer you just re-added. If it still won't print, it may be that you need to replace your print driver files. Deleting and reinstalling your printer resets that printer's settings but may not always replace the print driver files.

Find a repair centre

Follow these steps to replace those:. Choose Reset printing system from the shortcut menu. The folder will be named "New Folder With Items" by default, which is fine for our purposes. When we're done you can delete that folder to save space. Repeat the process you did for deleting and reinstalling the printer. Hopefully, you will see the just deleted printer under the header Nearby Printers.

If so, select it to add it back. If not, select Add Printer or Scanner.

IT Service Center

Once again, you will hopefully find the printer in the Default listings. If so, select it in the list and then click Add.

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Use an IP address: Networked printers sometimes take a little extra work. Avoid printer sharing if you can: If you see your printer listed with an sign, such as CannonMP MacBook Pro , selecting this means you will connect to the printer via printer sharing—a feature enabled from the Sharing System Preferences pane. Instead, choose an alternative listing for the printer. Otherwise, even if your attempt to re-add the printer succeeds, you will only be able to print when the sharing Mac is available. Still stumped? The output is far from user-friendly.

However, there may occasionally be some plain-English text that suggests what the issue is. For example, once I was able to figure out an improperly installed ink cartridge was to blame for my printing problems. All I needed to do was remove and correctly reinstall the cartridge. Still waiting by the printer for a sheet of paper to appear? Now Control-click Right-click the name of the printer to bring up its contextual menu. From the list of items, select Reset printing system. Not a happy prospect, but if nothing else has helped, this may be your last hope for victory.

If your print queue has paused, get it rolling again by clicking Resume. Old jobs stuck in the queue can thwart your attempts to print.

Delete one by clicking on the X at the end of the progress bar below its name. Click Resume to get the queue started again. If your Mac can't connect to the printer, trying turning the printer off and back on. Still having trouble? Check the error log for clues Still stumped? Reset Printing System Still waiting by the printer for a sheet of paper to appear? Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.