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How do I open and view.

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Is there a way to convert the file? Does Microsoft Word support Microsoft Works files?

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More questions. How to open a. Answer Questions My email app keeps closing.

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Any ideas. I've uninstalled and app and put it back on again but made no difference? Mailbox is clogged up by an oversize message that will not download and has stopped other downloads.

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I cant get into my office ? Those solutions either don't work broken links Works Database Converter is useful when users only has the database file created by Microsoft Works, but without the program to open the DB. MS Works 3 and 4 into a spreadsheet compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel.

So how do you open a WPS file?

Some compatibility may affect numeric fields. Do you think I didn't at least TRY your suggestions? Or do you think me stupid enough to just ignore them and deem them unworthy? I'd think you might say "thanks for trying to help but I tried all that and they're not live either" Apparently I was wrong to expect that.

How to Convert XLR to Excel

At least I know what to expect and will act accordingly in future. I was no more rude than you not paying attention to my post that replied your suggestions originally.

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While this is a forum for helping others one which I contibute a great deal to This file type is specific to Microsoft Works, and many versions of Microsoft Excel cannot understand the file. Locate the XLR file on your Windows 7 computer. Right-click the file and choose "Open With. Type in your desired name for the file into the "File Name" field. Click the drop-down arrow next to "Save as Type" and choose your desired file format. If you want the file to be available for all versions of Excel, going back to Excel '97, choose the "Excel Workbook" option.

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