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But dewy finishes never last on my skin, Karima. Drier skins can enjoy the luminosity but normal to combination skins will require a blot after 6 or so hours, while oilier skintypes will have to commit to frequent blotting and powdering, which may prove too much hassle. It also photographs relatively well but not my most photogenic foundation due to 1 the sheen, which picks up on flash and 2 the sheerer coverage, because the tale that slightly heavier makeup photographs better runs true, in my experience.

Skip it if : — You have particularly oily skin, who wants to tend to their face every two hours? Eh, there are better foundations on the market for that purpose. We always recommend trying a minimum of three samples — always try to select a shade lighter and darker than the one you think you might be. Hi Alex, We would suggest mixing a little Barely Buff with the Blondie to see if this will be your perfect summer match.

If this works for you, you might find that Blondie will be fine for this time of year and moving in to Winter. One of my friends is using Warm Peach, and it looks like a nice light shade on the warmer side, so I also got a sample of it, and my first impression is that it might work for me if I mix it with my samples of China Doll or Blondie? Anyway, something lighter. I only got this today, so have to test it properly before I jump to any conclusions.

Hi, I have tried foundation shades blondie and barely buff. I think that the first one is a little bit too light, but the second is too dark on winter time. So do you have something between these shades? Thank you for your message. We would suggest mixing these two shades together to get the correct match.

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If you choose the shade that is most like your complexion, then add a little of the other foundation till you have the perfect shade. We hope this helps.

Lily Lolo x. However in winter my skin gets really pale. I bought the butterscotch foundation a while back but, I found it was too yellow.

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Recently I tried samples of barely buff which was too pink, it looked almost orange on my skin and the warm peach had a great warm tone but a little too pale. What colour do you recommend I try? Hi, Thank you for your message. We would recommend trying a sample of Popcorn foundation. This has the same undertones as Warm Peach but its a darker shade. We hope this is OK for you. Hi, I bought butterscotch for my sallow-skinned friend but it is too dark and orangey.

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She has yellow tones but is fair skinned. What can she mix with this to tone it down. We would suggest mixing a little Porcelain or Blondie as these are neutral tones but will help lighten Butterscotch. I was wondering if butterscotch would be better for me as I have tan olive skin.

We would suggest trying samples of Butterscotch, Dusky and Cookie. I am an Indian girl, however I am very fair and actually look mixed. I bought several samples of the foundations. From Barely Buff, all the way to Popsicle and Popcorn as I was trying to compare it to my previous mineral powder. I use the Collection perfecting minerals colour No:2 Natural Beige, which has unfortunately been discontinued.

The colour that seems the most similar to my skin tone is actually Candy Cane. However cause I like a good coverage, it seems to look a little too light on my skin. I think I have a very subtle warm undertone, as my veins seem green-ish.

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I tried warm peach alone but that was too yellow. I felt that mixing Candy Cane and Warm Peach together just make it even lighter. What do I do? Mix two different shades? Or try a different shade altogether? Sorry I forgot to say that understand my undertone is also a struggle as sometimes the veins can appear green but also slightly blue. We think the best combination would be mixing Candy Cane and Popsicle.

Could you tell us how Barely Buff suited your skin tone? This will give us a better indication of what will be the best shades to recommend. Many thanks Lily Lolo x. Hello Lily Lolo! I am pale with red cheeks and nose and I flush quite easily!

MAC M·A·C Studio Face and Body Foundation

I was debating between candy cane for the red undertones, but it looks a bit too dark. We would suggest that you purchase a few of our sample sized foundations to help you find your perfect shade. Why not try applying our Blush Away corrector under your foundation that will also help minimise any redness. To be able to recommend the right shades, please can you give us a bit more information about your complexion undertones and depth of colour.

Makeup foundation undertones.

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