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I will soon be facing your same situation when I buy my new Thanks for the hints. I had to extract the gtxfw. Epson Perfection too works well as a snapscan! Extraction of the windows drivers esfw I have had no problem switching to SL with my using VueScan. The good thing about this software is that is will work with any scanner.

I also have a older slide scanner from nikon which never worked on a mac and using VueScan it works fine. Just curious as I'm trying to get this cool tip working with latest Snow Leopard and my old Agfa Snapscan u, am I missing something? Downloaded and installed Sane, ImageCapture does recognize the scanner, but I just get a black scan, no actually scanning seems to take place.

Tried re-installing all Sane files again. Started to work, very frustrating but wonderful in a geeky kinda way. OK ran into another issue Anyone got around this??? Mac Mini , OSX My daughter scans her IRL drawings on an Agfa Snapscan u, an excellent scanner with a long and productive history in this family. As above, it didn't work after the upgrade to Snow Leopard. She tried Vuescan but didn't appreciate the large dollar signs overlaid on the very first scan she made trial version or buy-right-now-or-else version?

Then we installed the open-source alternative in this hint, and it worked straight away. Same reaction here to vuescan. I thought I'd at least get to make 10 or 20 good scans with the trial, but I got those obnoxious dollar signs right from the start. Doesn't seem like a good investment. Will probably get a new scanner when I can decide which to get.

We've just installed It doesn't look like SANE has released any newer versions since I last downloaded them, and ScanAgain seems to have vanished from the Net all download links go back to the original mac.

ScanAgain opens, but can't see the Agfa SnapScan u scanner hitting Scan provides a blank image, not surprisingly since there is no movement from the scanner; hitting Preview brings up "inMethodMakeCommand", pressing OK on that brings up "inMethodDoPreview. Action" but nothing else; Find Scanners has no result.

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Image Capture can't see the scanner at all. We reinstalled all the SANE packages and restarted, but still have the same problem. The scanner seems fine. This tip saved my day, my Agfa Snapscan u from is back in business! After a restart it shows up in Image Capture after a 10 s delay where I can make basic settings and visualy chose the scan area so there is no need to install additional software. I also unchecked the drivers I don't need in the pref pane but I'm not sure if that really had any affect on performance. In Console I see this error:. Lost your password?

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Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Apple can't make Agfa do anything to help support their product. It's dead from here on out. I'd guess that the small number of these scanners still in use doesn't help get new drivers. Vendors upgrade products they make a profit on, or to ensure customer goodwill for future purchases. Agfa doesn't care if your scanner doesn't work, and hasn't for many years.

Some HP Printers are not getting new drivers. Apple makes the platform, vendors design products that work on it, and usually they upgrade their product drivers for new OS's. The very same driver problems were part of the Vista melt down. I don't enjoy any version of Windows, but a large part of the early problems were that vendors didn't support their products with a new OS and people wanted to keep using hardware that was never designed for Vista.

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This shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Review sites on the Internet that have described Snow Leopard's improvements have mentioned the architectural changes that might require new drivers for older hardware. Apple said there would be many issues with older drivers and that many companies would have to upgrade their programs and drivers to work well or even work at all.

Apple's been saying this for over a year. Vendors have had access to the changes for 3 or 4 months. Hardware upgrades have been a fact and expense of OS changes since the mouse. I was really not happy when the adapters quit working with Tiger, apparently because the USB adapters couldn't provide the ADB drivers required that Apple finally removed from the new OS We could have gone back to earlier OS's, but that's never been the way.

Loading page content. It appears that Agfa released their last set of drivers back in with the release of OS X. They have not done any updates or enhancements since then. Back in , a guy named David Linker did develope a driver that was for scanners that have been abandoned by their manufacturer. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

Kappy Kappy. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Have you contacted Hamrick about the specific model you have to determine definitively if it is or isn't supported in VueScan? Apple is not responsible for providing device drivers for scanners or printers. The manufacturers are supposed to provide their drivers independently or can provide them to Apple for inclusion with an OS release.

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So this issue falls squarely on Agfa's back for not providing updated drivers. Don't blame Apple. You should contact Agfa's tech support to see if they plan to update their driver or if they have abandoned the product. In the latter case you really have only two options: Downgrade back to Leopard or buy a new and supported scanner. In the future remember never to upgrade to a new version of OS X or any OS until you've determined that your hardware and software is supported and compatible.

Otherwise you should not upgrade. EvzAm EvzAm. So I have to buy a new scanner Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Mine is nearly 9 years old. I bought a new Canon 3 years ago, and was amazed at how inexpensive, easy to use, and small and light it was. Do you have a malfunctioning Time Capsule?

Generally if there is a true problem then Apple may issue a public statement acknowledging that the problem exists and a fix is being developed. If a firmware update is required you will hear about it automatically via the Airport Utility if you check regularly. Software updates come through Software Update not by email.

Most new system problems that arise result from users upgrading dysfunctional existing systems and not repairing the hard drive and permissions prior to upgrading. They also fail to make bootable backups of their existing system to avoid problems should an upgrade go awry.

How can I use an agfa snapscan e50 with mac osx 10.8.5 ?

Still others upgrade systems successfully but fail to check if their mission critical third-party software will be compatible or to upgrade that software when possible for compatibility. The best thing to do when there are such upgrade problems is to make a fresh installation on a reformatted hard drive.

Apple only states that OS X works on the appropriate hardware meeting the system requirements, and offers no guarantee of compatibility with third-party hardware or software. So a fresh installation at least can determine if the problem is with OS X and existing Apple hardware. I have a long Apple history and know who is responsible for drivers. I just want to remind you to the situations where Apple came with new OS's or ports and lots of stuff did not work. I will not spend time here to write a history lesson on this.

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Usefull is your remark on which third parties have an Apple focus. Before my Agfa I had a Umax and before that another. Even Apple explains how well they are for the environment by shipping more MacBook unibodies in a plane and thus saving fuel They could save MORE environment if they supported larges installed base peripherals. I know the industry needs to keep me selling new stuff which I love to buy, but it hurts my eco feeling to now through something away which is 6 or 8 years old and still technically is perfect But your example was of a currently shipping product Time Capsule that is supported by SL.

I would have known that you understood the problem if you had chosen a product that had actually been abandoned. I'm guessing that some products that are currently shipping, will not run with This has happened to us as drive belts fail in printers and scanners. The obsolete 32 bit drivers problem is going to continue and could actually get worse. It's been projected that each new version of OS X from here on out will probably have tighter requirements for drivers to be 64 bit.

SL is a transition OS, with very few visible changes for the user. Security updates are still coming out for Leopard, and I think I saw one recently for Tiger but I don't look there very often. There is no business reason to upgrade from Leopard for at least another year or until high end applications actually need or take advantage of a 64 bit OS. The additional ram handling is to solve a problem that doesn't exist yet and the programs don't know how to use multiple CPU cores very well, yet.