How to lock dock mac 10.8

Four Tricks To Master The Dock On Your OS X Mac [Feature]

I updated my parents iMac from When in Skype was eventually removed by moving it from Applications and into the trash can. However, it's icon was still referened in the "lock" dock. The Skype app was removed but its phantom icon reference remains. I removed the phantom Skype icon by first unlocking the dock using the following in terminal followed by dragging it off the dock the "poof" did occur :.

Lock Dock in Place (Multiple Monitors)

However, when I went to lock the dock again, the phantom Skype icon returned after the "killall Dock" command. When I upgraded to These are older Apple apps that have since been replaced in I read another thread that suggested removing any of the old app "residue" in Launcher. They weren't in the Applications folder as well.

I then follwed the terminal methods listed above. Everything looked promising but after I tried to lock the dock again using the terminal methods above, all the question marks for the phantom app icons returned.

Simplify the system

Has anyone experienced this or can anyone please offer a suggestion? I have to keep the dock locked afer setting the default apps because my parents are not technical and manage to accidentally delete icons or easily get confused when things are moved around. Posted on Feb 25, PM. First of all, as you are having problems with the Dock, I recommend you to delete the Dock settings file, so OS X will create a new one automatically and the problem should disappear.

Some users, however, may wish to limit the Dock to displaying only open and active applications.

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To do this, head back to Terminal and enter the following command:. In the following screenshots, the first image shows the Dock before entering the Terminal command. This allows users to keep their Dock size very small while still being able to easily see and select applications when needed. This will set the maximum to pixels, as seen in the screenshot below.

HyperDock: Add app preview windows to the Dock on OS X

Granted, the usefulness of this command is limited but it is presented in the spirit of total customization. By default, the Dock sits centered in the middle of the screen. To position the Dock on the left side of the screen:. By default, however, there is no indication via the Dock as to which apps are actually hidden compared to those with closed windows or windows that are buried underneath other applications.

Question Marks for Missing Apps on Dock - Apple Community

In the second screenshot, below, Safari and Terminal are hidden after implementing this feature, and their icons are dimmed compared to the default setting. This allows users to easily see which apps are hidden without compromising the usefulness of the Dock. Users have two default options for the effect used when a window is minimized to the Dock: Scale and Genie. Make sure that the General tab is selected.

Click the icon labeled Click the lock to make changes.

Configuring Parental Controls

Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from: , select Anywhere. On the prompt that appears, click Allow From Anywhere.

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